Meeting to You Corporation

Meeting to You Corporation was formed in 2009 as the holding company for all VOVIE technologies.

MTY is committed to designing safe, fun and practical applications for everyday use. We have a diverse and dedicated team that is very committed to the products we develop.

Founders Norm Towson and Ted Rybicki helped build state of the art real-time communications hardware and software technologies used by HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NASA, Seagate, Nvidia, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, US Military, and others. Together they have a combined 60 years of experience inventing and developing cutting-edge technologies.

VOVIE Software

Norm Towson, CEO

Co Invented many computing devices including: 1st Fail Safe Mini Computer, 1st Battery Operated PC, 1st No Wait State PC & Patent 8073675 now used by YouTube, Netflix, Amazon to Store & Stream HD Videos world-wide. Eagle Scout


Ted Rybicki, CTO

HP Fellow. 26 yrs. as co-inventor of communications & security software for HP Printers, Pro-Curve Computers, Network Controllers, Routers, Switches & Internet attached Storage. President HP Ham Radio Club. Guitar, Audiophile. Eagle Scout

VOice - VIdeo - Encrypted

Direct Phone APP

  • Secure Full HD Calls
  • Highest Security Ever!
  • 100% Secure!
  • Lowest Data Ever
  • Secure HD Video Chat
  • Text & Share Faster