Meeting to You Corporation

Company History:

Norm Towson & Ted Rybicki began building battery powered radios & telegraphs in grade school & cub scouts, calculators & cars in high school, software & printed circuit based computers in college and love making perfect signals flow. Over decades, these founders & extraordinary team members have developed; fault tolerant computers, operating systems, fail safe micros on chips, routers, protocols, network interfaces, disk & video controllers for: HP, IBM, Cisco, Seagate/WD, Intel/AMD, JPL, NASA, Bell Labs, Ford, RCA, Exxon, All branches of US military, CAT &  many others.


In 2009 we formed Meeting to You Corporation, assigned all technology rights and began full time development of our device direct native code full internet stack and multimedia trans-coding platform. Goals were simple to use, friend to friend,  ultra low bandwidth, high resolution voice video encrypted conferencing for home work and play.

In 2011-13 we were forced to build additional software computers and engines to solve slow I/O performance of Windows OS, iOS and Android to empower true real time audio, video and encrypted trans-coding. VOVIE was born sending HD 720p video encrypted using as low as 10% of the bandwidth of Skype/Cisco and the others. Then OPUS triple/codec was released, we attached VOVIE and launched Safe HD Audio Conferencing for Our Team on Windows.

In 2014 We started shipping vovie group 48kHz HD audio to friends to use & test around the world over all types of communications networks. US, Europe, China, Australia and they all worked (after we added satellite to cell auto signal controls) . 2g/3G/4G wire, satellite, radio, anywhere with 8 kbps up bandwidth.  To get VOVIE on phones we began porting to android and apple to get to more mobile devices.

In 2015 We have VOVIE in control of Android 4-5, screens, cameras, speakers, microphones and are adding Opus HD Audio conferencing now and are preparing to launch crowd funding for calls chats and share on Apple Android  & Windows on Indiegogo soon. With funds we will launch Windows, Android audio & video conferencing with file share second half 2015. Apple 2016.